Statement on Access to Home Care Service Delivery

The Canada Health Act 

The Board of Directors of Home Care Ontario endorses the principles of the Canada Health Act and confirms the values of the Canadian health care system.  This system enables a range of essential health care services available to all citizens of Canada on the basis of need, not ability to pay. The Canada Health Act recognizes home care as an element in the category of “extended health services and, as such, it is not an insured health service to which the principles of the Act apply. Each province and territory has a unique system of home care delivery that is publicly funded, administered and delivered by both the public system and family-funded sector organizations.

Home care established in 1970

In Ontario, home care was formally established in 1970 and is considered to be a critical component of the formal health care system. Since establishment, the home care system has gone through a number of changes, evolving and maturing to the comprehensive program of today.  Home Care Ontario supports the unique system of home care delivery in Ontario that is publicly funded and administered; and, delivered by service provider organizations, both broader public sector and family-funded sector.

Home Care Ontario advocates for the funding and resourcing of a strong, publicly funded home care system in Ontario.  This system supports the importance of driving quality and value in home care, including supporting competitive procurement where it provides the opportunity for higher quality and value.

An important role for home care service provider organizations 

Home Care Ontario supports the role and value of home care provider organizations delivering care outside the publicly funded and administered system. In Ontario, home care provider organizations offer home care services beyond publicly-funded levels in order to respond to the growing needs of individual Ontarians. It is estimated that 20 million hours of home care service are family-funded per year.

Accountability for delivery of highest standard of care 

Home Care Ontario believes that all home health care service providers must be held equally accountable for the delivery of the highest standard of care to Ontarians. Providers to the HCCSS must also have achieved accreditation by approved organizations such as Accreditation Canada, FOCUS Accreditation, Canadian Centre for Accreditation, and CARF Canada, and/or registered with the International Standards Association (ISO).

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