Home Care Ontario has a 30+ year history

Established in 1987, Home Care Ontario is a member-based association with a mandate to promote growth and development of the home care sector through advocacy, knowledge transfer, and member service.  Home Care Ontario members include those engaged in and/or supportive of home-based health care, many of whom have been doing so for over 50 years.  

Responsibilities of Home Care Organizations

In Ontario, service provider organizations are responsible for providing nursing care, home support services, personal care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, social work, dietetics, speech language therapy and medical equipment and supplies in the home to individuals of all ages.   An estimated 54 million hours of publicly and family-funded home care service is provided annually across the province.  

Home Care Ontario endorses:

  • the principles of the Canada Health Act and the Canadian health care system which delivers a range of essential health care services available to all residents of Canada on the basis of need, not ability to pay.
  • and advocates for, the funding and resourcing of a strong publicly funded home care delivery system in Ontario
  • the contribution of family-funded home care that is currently available in addition to the publicly funded and publicly administered home care system. Currently, in Ontario, home health care providers offer family-funded home care service in order to respond to the growing needs of individual Ontarians.
  • and believes that all home health care service providers must be held equally accountable to deliver the highest standard of care in the home.
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