Reporting to the Community

Members of Home Care Ontario adhere to the Association’s “Standards for Home Care Service Provider Organizations”

Home Care Ontario members:

  • Deliver excellence in care and service to all clients 
  • Use quality improvement principles to continuously improve care processes
  • Have organizational mission, vision and value statements which guide practice, decision-making and provide the basis from which to address ethical issues related to service and practice
  • Incorporate established methods of quality management principles into all daily practice
  • Have written policies and procedures to direct activities and enable quality of care
  • Use both internal quality processes and external accrediting bodies to ensure excellence in client care
  • Use performance measures to evaluate performance and benchmark these measures against industry standards
  • Incorporate services and processes that are based on best practices, utilize current published home health care research and participate in research opportunities
  • Have formalized performance management systems within their quality management system
  • Conduct on-going professional development and training for staff as well as participating in providing educational opportunities for health care students

Compliance with Home Care Ontario Standards

All regular members of Home Care Ontario commit, through the annual membership renewal process, to adhere to the “Standards for Home Care Service Organizations” and further, to complete the Association’s Quality Template that establishes a self-evaluated level of compliance with OHCA Standards. The Home Care Ontario Quality Template is modeled on the balanced scorecard format and measures four organizational perspectives (customers, learning and growth, internal business, financial management).

Reports to the Community

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