Capacity Planning in Home Care

Capacity Planning - The Home Care Perspective: Summary Recommendations by Home Care Ontario for enhancing the capacity of the broader health care system and specifically home care. (April 2016)

Can this care be provided at home?: Discusses the fundamental shift required for healthcare from the current system, where home care is designed to accommodate and respond to pressures in acute care or long-term care, to a system where home care considerations actually drive practice. (January 2013)

Valuing Home and Community Care:The report summarizes the findings of a project conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which was to provide an independent assessment and create an economic model of the role and value of publicly funded home and community care. The findings confirm the assertions that keeping seniors at home can be both cost and care effective. (November 2010)

Creating an Age Friendly Ontario: Seminal document addressing the issues impacting the ability of at-risk seniors to remain at home.(November 2007)

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