Background Materials

Documents that provide the essential history of home care in Ontario.

  • Stronger Care at Home, Better Health Care for All Ontarians: Recommendations to the new Ontario Health Teams
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    “Stronger Care at Home, Better Care for All Ontarians: Recommendations to the New Ontario Health Teams” outlines ways the new Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) can further utilize home and community care to deliver more care at home and help end hallway health care in Ontario.
  • Ontario's Home Care System in 2008: A Growing History of Quality and Excellence
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    June 2008 - A brief historical overview of the development of home care in Ontario.
  • Private Home Care - A Vital Component of the Health Care Continuum in Ontario
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    October 2013 - Describes how the purchase of private home care services is an important option for families - a revision of the paper first released in 2011.
  • The Future is Now - Bring Health Care Home
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    September 2011 - Now more than ever, home care is acknowledged as a vital part of the health care system in Ontario. Home care is critical to supporting individual health needs, improving the health of the population and contributing to the sustainability of the broader health system. In the future home care is no longer a discretionary service. The future is now.
  • Home Care is the Future - Supporting Seniors to Remain at Home
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    August 2011 - The strategy for the seniors of Ontario requires targeted funding for appropriate home care interventions. By purchasing more direct clinical service, more ALC patients can return to the community and those frail seniors that have not been hospitalized but are at elevated risk can be supported in order to avoid a crisis. For the overwhelming majority who prefer to remain in their community, home care service is more desirable, cost effective and health effective. By ‘tipping the balance’ to the home and community care sector the sustainability of the whole health system will be more readily achieved and Ontarians will confidently receive “the right care at the right time in the right place”.
  • Choosing Excellence-Choosing Home Care
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    November 2010: Providing quality health care is a fundamental principle on which the government of Ontario bases health care policy development.
  • Why Choose a Quality Home Care Organization
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    September 2010 - Describes the risks that can be mitigated by choosing to retain a Service Provider Organization to deliver home care services.
  • Home Care in 2010 - Essential for an Aging Population
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    September 2010 - Home care is critical to supporting individual health needs, managing chronic illness and system sustainability. A robust system incorporating both publicly and privately funded home care services can give Ontarians flexibility and independence as they age; and can help them to maintain their valuable contribution to communities and families.
  • Today's Home Care - Contributing to the Health of Ontario
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    April 2010 - Today, the home care system is achieving excellence and contributing to the health and independence of the population through continuous improvement, innovation and best practice.
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