Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment is a term to describe the ‘gear’ used for patients  whose care is being provided at home.  It is sometimes referred to as durable medical equipment as it is intended to withstand repeated use by families at home.

Family-Funded Medical Equipment

Families may choose to acquire equipment through a medical supply company in their community.  Many communities have Equipment Loan Programs that can be accessed as well.  Local programs can be found through thehealthline.ca

Funding for Medical Equipment

Home medical equipment is provided by the HCCSS - Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHIN) through the Ontario Drug Benefits Program (ODB) while the client is receiving HCCSS approved professional services (nursing or therapy).

Ontario residents, with a valid OHIP number and a long-term disability, who have a physical disability of six months or longer are eligible to receive funding for personalized assistive devices through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). Specific eligibility criteria apply to each type of device.   The program provides reimbursement for devices purchased from registered vendors. In most cases, the client pays a share of the cost at time of purchase and the vendor bills ADP the balance.

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