Navigating the system

How does the home care system work?

Home Care Ontario members are contracted to provide health care services by government, HCCSS-Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the (LHINs), institutions, such as hospitals and long-term care facilities, and individuals.

Publicly-funded home care in Ontario is administered by HCCSS responsible for assessing and determining who receives care, what type and level of care they need and for how long. The HCCSS care coordinator manages each individual client’s care.  Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) deliver the care that is required by the client, as they are requested by the LHIN.

How do I find home care assistance in Ontario?

Home Care Ontario members are able to assist families or individuals who wish to arrange for family-funded services.  You can find a list of Home Care Ontario members and/or search for a SPO (home care services) in your community .

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