Family-Funded Home Care

Every year an estimated 150,000 Ontarians purchase additional home care service to supplement that which is provided through the publicly funded system. Family-funded home care service often provides the vital few hours of care and respite that enables families to continue their caregiving responsibilities – which many are fulfilling while raising their children and holding a job.

Choose a Reputable Home Care Organization

Polls show that families are unaware or unsure of the risk inherent in directly hiring an individual to provide care. For families considering family-funded home care service, Home Care Ontario recommends that it is wise to choose reputable organizations that are able to guarantee high quality of service, respond quickly to changing care needs, and deliver fair labour practices.

Home care organizations that belong to an association, such as Home Care Ontario, are typically concerned about practice standards and engaged in achieving excellence in all aspects of service. The majority of Home Care Ontario members are accredited which indicates the commitment, and presence of processes, to continually improve quality.  Members have measures in place, including selection, supervision, and continuing education, to protect families who have made the decision to bring additional help into the home.


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