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Our personal stories’ section is a place where we answer common home care questions. Click on the below stories to see our answers to these all too common situations.

My Father Has Alzheimer’s

My father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. In preparation for the future, do you have any information on the cost of home care versus the cost of nursing homes in Ontario?

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Mom has Terminal Cancer

We are desperately looking for any help with caring for our Mom who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please let us know if there is any help that we might get to help us care for her at home. She is deteriorating quickly.

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Why can’t my Mother-in-Law Stay in her Own House?

Now the HCCSS case manager has suggested that she go into a retirement home or a nursing home and I am pretty sad about this. My wife and I live 30 minutes away and so does my sister-in-law. We want to help my mother-in-law stay at home but we are also a bit afraid of how much time this will take and we may be selfish but we do want a bit of a life for ourselves at this stage.

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Taking Care of a Family Member

I am very upset... I have just been phoned by the hospital. They told me that my mother is being released from the hospital tomorrow. I don’t know what do as she is going to need care because she is not able to take care of herself. and I live out of town and not able to take care of her. What do I do?

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Can My Parents Live on their own and receive Home Care?

I am concerned that our parents won’t qualify for any further services because of the amount of money they have in their bank account. What factors are used to decide how much care my parents can receive? Can we get more care and how would we do this?

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The OHCA posts questions and responses that reflect the nature of inquiry received. Names and circumstances have been changed.


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