Mom has terminal cancer

We are desperately looking for any help with caring for our Mom who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please let us know if there is any help that we might get to help us care for her at home. She is deteriorating quickly.

In your e-mail you don't tell me where you live, or if you are already receiving home care through the HCCSS - Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHIN). This would be the first step. There are services available through the local HCCSS. If your mother is eligible (and it sounds as though she would be), then you will receive care by home care providers that is paid for by the government. In addition, the HCCSS will help you access a variety of community support services that will help you with all the activities, such as meals, housekeeping, and respite that will help you to keep your Mom at home.

Also, you may wish to purchase additional care to ease your mother's last days and to provide you with support. You can find Home Care Ontario members who deliver family-funded care in your mother's community through a search function. Service provider organizations registered with Home Care Ontario adhere to the highest standards of care. Members would be glad to assist you in determining the best care for your mother and your family and in working with your health care team.

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