What if I want to hire a home care provider myself?

You may be able to obtain a lower rate by hiring someone directly. But if you hire a caregiver yourself, you’ll have to handle payroll and possibly taxes and consider how to handle any injuries or other issues such as service cancellations. By working with a home care organization, you can minimize your workload, mitigate potential threats and be free to spend your time in the context of the family relationship.

Home care service provider organizations that belong to an association, such as Home Care Ontario, are typically concerned about practice standards and engaged in achieving excellence in all aspects of service. Members have many measures in place to protect families who have made the decision to bring additional help into the home.

The decision to purchase care should be made as carefully as with the purchase of any other service. For families seeking home care service, it is wise to choose reputable organizations that guarantee high quality of service provision and fair labour practices. Home Care Ontario offers information including a listing of members by geographic location; considerations in the selection of a provider; a client bill of rights; and a glossary of terms.

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