Home Care & Me Overview

Ontario's vision is to be "the healthiest place in North America to grow up and grow old." (Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care)  This section provides a basic overview of publicly funded and privately retained home care in Ontario.

About Home Care

Describes home home care works and types of care that may be helpful.

How to Get Home Care in Ontario

Explains government funded and privately purchased home care in Ontario.


The Home Care Team

Provides a description of the various members of the home care team who typically provide service in the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of terms, personal stories, and questions & answers related to obtaining home care.

Facts & Figures

Home Care in Ontario by the numbers - particularly useful for researchers, media, home care advocates and students.  Results from our recent public polls are also listed.

Find a Home Care Provider

Provincial portal in order to search for a registered member of Home Care Ontario; and other resources to support care at home.

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  • List of Members
  • Media