Service Feedback

Members of our association are qualified and deliver the finest services in the province. It is appropriate and effective to work with your service provider to express your satisfaction (which is very important in the promotion and development of good service) and/or resolve any concerns that you may have.

A promise 

Home Care Ontario members will:

  • Demonstrate that their primary goals are customer service and client satisfaction
  • Demonstrate that they are continually developing and improving their services to clients and families
  • Demonstrate that their staff support the rights of clients as articulated in the Client Bill of Rights
  • Have a formal process for resolving client complaints, should the need arise
  • Demonstrate a process of collaboration with customers to identify and act upon service improvements

Long-Term Care/Home Care Action Line

The Long-Term Care/Home Care Action Line handles concerns and registers complaints about home care services. Ontarians can reach the Long-Term Care Action Line at 1-866-876-7658 or TTY 1-800-387- 5559.

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