Infusion Pharmacy

What is home care infusion pharmacy?

Home care infusion pharmacy is a specialized area of pharmacy practice where patients are able to receive infusion administered medications in the client's home, school, workplace or other community settings such as clinics. Individuals who receive infusion pharmacy medications administered by nurses often have more acute and complex needs, and an increasing amount of their care is provided in the home and in community.

What services does an infusion pharmacy provide?

A physician from hospital or in community will provide the pharmacy with a medical order or prescription for a patient to receive infusion medication.  HCCSS - Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHIN) will arrange for the pharmacy to deliver the medication, infusion equipment and related medical supplies to be delivered to the patient’s home, work or to a clinic setting for administration by a home care nurse.  The pharmacy coordinates with the home care nurse to ensure all required medication and supplies for infusion to be administered safely.  Patients receive education on who to contact in case of questions regarding medication, or administration process.

What should we look for in a home care pharmacy?

Infusion pharmacies approved under government-funded programs must meet NAPRA standards for dispensing highly complex medications safely in a clean room environment.  The pharmacy must be licensed for dispensing complex medications, infusion equipment and supplies and pre-qualified for servicing through HCCSS - Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHIN) in Ontario.

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