What is home care nursing?

Home care nursing is a specialized area of nursing practice in which the nurse provides care in the client's home, school or workplace or other community settings. Individuals who receive nursing care today often have more acute and complex needs, and an increasing amount of their care is provided in the home.

What services does a home care nurse provide?

In the home setting, the nurse brings caring activities that generate trust and collaboration for both the care of the client and the maintenance of health of the other family members. The nursing process applied to home care includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning for care, intervention and evaluation. These processes are often more complex given the nature of the setting, the additional variables influencing the client and the family, and the need for integration of community health nursing concepts.

What should we look for in a home care nurse?

Home care nursing practice is complex requiring independent decision making, a diverse knowledge base in order to manage the care of patients with a broad array of diagnoses across the lifespan and the health-illness continuum. The home care nurse requires:

  • Advanced assessment and evaluation skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Sound judgment
  • Effective documentation skills
  • Flexibility
  • Critical/creative thinking
  • Self direction
  • Competency in technology
  • The maturity to work confidently and autonomously.
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