Hospital overcrowding eases: Sudbury Officials

by Home Care Ontario | Jan 12, 2018

Letter to the Editor Sudbury Star

Submitted on Jan 10, 2018

Sudbury Star Published letter to the Editor from Sue VanderBent

Re: Hospital overcrowding eases: Sudbury officials

NE LHIN and patient flow consultant Elaine Burr are to be commended for their efforts to ease hospital overcrowding issues occurring in Health Sciences North. This has been achieved by working collaboratively with local community system partners to create short-term transition beds for those frail, elderly patients requiring a period of enhanced care prior to returning home.  When home is the final destination following a hospital admission, it is imperative that patients receive the adequate amount and type of supports they require. These home care supports- nursing, personal support and therapy-  coupled with community supports and the close involvement of the family doctor should help a senior successfully re-enter the community.   Engaging all parts of the system will improve patient flow in acute care and should hopefully avoid an ALC designation altogether. Working as a true ‘health care system’ is the only way to be successful as we rise to meet the challenge of a growing elderly population in Ontario. Well done!


S. VanderBent


Home Care Ontario


Sudbury Star Article Jan 1-18

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