Home Care Ontario Requests More Provincial Funding

by Home Care Ontario | Feb 01, 2018

CEO of Home Care Ontario says current funding only makes up 5% of total health budget.

The CEO of Home Care Ontario is crunching the numbers on funding her organization believes it should be getting from the province to hold the line on service.

Sue VanderBent says while the $2.7 billion home care services receive from Queen's Park sounds like a lot of money, it represents five per-cent of total health care funding.

She contends that the province isn't investing enough in the face of an ageing population, and increased specialization in home care for seniors and the chronically ill.

Van der Bent says the government has not increased the portion home care services receive for at least 10 years, while costs have gone up.

She says home care providers have not been able to increase the amount they invest in patient care.

Van der Bent tells us that Queen's Park should have raised their investment in home care services to six or seven per-cent.

The total provincial health care budget is $54 billion, and Home Care Ontario is challenging the government to come up with a larger portion with an election on the horizon.

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