Home Care Ontario Hoping For Funding Increase in Spring Budget

by Home Care Ontario | Feb 20, 2018


FEBRUARY 7, 2018 4:18AM


The CEO of Home Care Ontario is hoping to take advantage of two upcoming provincial events to raise the issue of funding for home care.

Sue VanderBent says home care currently receives 5% of the provincial budget, but that percentage hasn’t increased in 20 years, while the percentage of the population requiring home care has increased significantly.

VanderBent hopes the tabling of the provincial budget in March or April and the election in June will allow her to voice her concerns.

“I think it’s pretty self-evident that most of us – all of us would want to live at home. We want to receive care at home and if possible, end our days at home, and why should we go somewhere else?” she says. “Why can’t we live where we want to live?”

VanderBent maintains home care is a critical service that’s requested more and more by the public, and the province should be doing its best to try and create that home care system that allows people to do that. 

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