Deputy Minister Helen Angus, MOHLTC - Memo re Ministry Realignment

by Home Care Ontario | Oct 19, 2018

October 18, 2018

MEMORANDUM TO:            Health Sector Partners                       

FROM:                                    Helen Angus, Deputy Minister,
                                               Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

RE:                                          Ministry Realignment      

We are all committed to a patient-centred health care system that is effective and efficient and delivers high quality care for patients. Many of you are rethinking your care pathways and processes to put the patient at the centre of your organization. I believe there is great value in the ministry also organizing itself in a way that better reflects how the health system is organized, making it easier for you and patients to interact with us.

I want you to be aware of some structural changes announced today that will clarify and simplify lines of accountability and allow our organization to be more nimble and outcome focused by:

  • Aligning acute and emergency services, bringing hospitals, provincial programs and emergency services together;
  • Bringing together community and mental health and addictions services, including integrating youth mental health services;
  • Ensuring end-to-end planning and implementation for long-term care homes;
  • Integrating capital, workforce and system capacity planning;
  • Aligning the Chief Medical Officer of Health with population and public health oversight;
  • Combining public drug programs and assistive devices;
  • Better connecting the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer with policy to provide strategic clinical nursing expertise on a broad range of health care policy and transformation initiatives. Aligning our policy, research, and innovation work to ensure patient-focused outcomes; and
  • Centralizing the responsibilities for LHIN-managed health services under an Associate aligned with key capacity, workforce and planning functions allowing for end-to-end management of health services for better outcomes and improved integration.

Associate Deputy Minister, Health Services (renamed from Delivery and Implementation) Melanie Fraser, who recently joined our ministry, will have the following divisions reporting to her:

  • Acute and Emergency Services led by Melissa Farrell, Assistant Deputy Minister, including hospitals, quality improvement, provincial programs and emergency health services.
  • Capacity Planning and Capital led by Michael Hillmer, Assistant Deputy Minister on an interim basis, including health capital investment, capacity planning, health workforce planning and regulatory affairs.
  • Community, Mental Health and Addictions and French Language Services led by Tim Hadwen, Assistant Deputy Minister, including local health planning and delivery, primary care and home care, as well as child, youth, forensic and justice mental health services. Transfer of programs from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services will be effective October 29.
  • Long-Term Care Homes, led by Brian Pollard, Assistant Deputy Minister, including long-term care home renewal.

Divisions now reporting directly to me as the Deputy Minister include:

  1. Drugs and Devices, led by Suzanne McGurn, Assistant Deputy Minister, including assistive devices.
  2. Ontario Health Insurance Plan, led by Lynn Guerriero, Assistant Deputy Minister, including claims services.
  3. Chief Medical Officer of Health and Population and Public Health, led by Dr. David Williams, including all population and public health programs and services.
  4. Strategic Policy and Planning, led by Patrick Dicerni, Assistant Deputy Minister, including the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer, health workforce regulatory oversight, and health innovation to embed innovation earlier in the development of our strategic direction.
  5. Corporate Services, led by Peter Kaftarian, CAO, on an interim basis.
  6. Secretariat for Ending Hallway Medicine, led by Fredrika Scarth, Director.
  7. Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Information Officer, led by Lorelle Taylor, Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Information Officer.
  8. Communications and Marketing, led by Jean-Claude Camus, Assistant Deputy Minister.

As we transition, Sharon Lee Smith, Denise Cole and Roselle Martino will stay on with the ministry on assignments to support priority areas. Sharon Lee will lead the ministry Indigenous engagement efforts ensuring there is stability in our key relationships and addressing any critical issues. Denise will lead the ministry in setting up an expedited review of legislation and regulation to identify impediments to more effective and efficient operations of the health system and the ministry in its oversight role. Roselle will continue to advise on the opioid strategy.

Included in this email is a link to our new organizational chart.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your partnership and collaboration. Today’s announcement will ensure we are ready to work with you on the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Helen Angus

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