The Hon. C. Elliott announces MOHLTC Organizational Realignment

by Home Care Ontario | Oct 19, 2018

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has undergone an organizational realignment, as part of our government's plan to tackle the ongoing hallway healthcare crisis in our health care system. Some divisions and branches will be merged to better serve patients. These changes will clarify and simplify lines of accountability and allow our organization to be more nimble and outcome-focused. 

These changes will streamline patient care and are the first steps towards enhancing the quality and efficiency of our health system. Our government will continue to listen to and consult with patients and the people who work on the front lines of our health care system to develop an integrated, modern and effective model of care that Ontarians need and deserve.

This organizational change will help ensure our government is able to fulfill our promise of developing a patient-centered health care system that is effective and provides the highest quality of care for all Ontarians. 

Updated MOHLTC Organizational Chart can be found here

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