Ontario Health/Health Force Ontario announces the creation of a new Personal Support Worker (PSW) initiative

by Home Care Ontario | Sep 23, 2020

Ontario Health - Health Force Ontario has announced the creation of a new Personal Support Worker (PSW) initiative. The Personal Support Worker Return of Service (PSW ROS) program provides a $5,000 incentive to recent PSW graduates in exchange for a six-month commitment in the Long-Term Care or Home and Community Care sector.  This initiative is for publicly-funded organizations.

Long-term care homes and home and community care providers hiring newly graduated PSWs who are seeking new employment, and have graduated on or after April 1, 2020, can apply for this program. 

Ontario Health will support recruitment efforts by posting PSW positions for approved employers on, and directing eligible PSWs to apply for these positions.

The Association was invited to review the program. Home Care Ontario voiced its concern regarding PSWs taking jobs only in long term care due to the pay differential. In a call with D. Lamb, Director, Capacity & Health Workforce Planning, MOH, the Association was advised that the jobs will be allocated 50% to those working in home and community care and 50% to those working in long term care.

Your organization may have already received information about the program from Ontario Health, which is now accepting applications for eligibility from long-term care and home care employers. The application deadline for employers to apply for eligibility is Monday, October 5, 2020.

For more information on the program, please visit or contact Ontario Health at

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