Patient Ombudsman Releases Special COVID-19 Report

by Home Care Ontario | Oct 08, 2020

The Patient Ombudsman released its report on Oct 7 - Honouring the voices and experiences of Long-Term Care Home residents, caregivers and staff during the first wave of COVID-19 in Ontario

Cathy Fooks, Patient Ombudsman, contacted CEO S. VanderBent prior to the release of the report, to advise that there would be a mention of home care in the report (page 21):

  • Access to health services - While the number of complaints about LHIN-coordinated home and community care did not change substantially, many of the home and community care clients that came to our office expressed fear of letting workers into their homes and so they had refused their home and community care services as a result. Many home care workers did not have access to PPE for a substantial period of time at the outset of the epidemic in Ontario. Patient Ombudsman heard from a number of families who received care through the Family Managed Care Program who were particularly concerned about the risk of infection to their vulnerable children and youth, since many of the workers they employed also worked in other healthcare settings.

A full copy of the report and accompanying infographic can be found here: see Special Reports - COVID-19.

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