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NOTE:  The Association is still waiting permission from some of the Speakers to post their presentations.   Once permission is received, presentations will be posted.

2019 Symposium Program

An Unprecedented Partnership - Unprecedented Partnership-Oct2019

Digital Health Panel - Greg Hein, Assistant Deputy Minister, Digital Health; Cheryl Reid-Haughian, IT Consultant; Al Hamilton, Gold Care; Chris Keirstead, Procura; Deb Mulholland, CellTrak Technologies; Adrian Schauer, AlayaCare

5 Common (and Costly) Employer Mistakes - Erin Kuzz, Partner, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

4pm G Moffett-Preventing the Underground Economy in Home Care in Home Care - Gaye Moffett, Founder, President, CEO, GEM Health Care Services

Michael Hillmer ADM, Capacity Planning and Analytics, MOH Health Human Resources:  The PSW Recruitment Challenge Hillmer - Symposium October 2019 v2 Revised



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