Home Care Ontario Comments on Years of Underinvestment in Home Care

by Home Care Ontario | Dec 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

Posted by Sue VanderBent on LinkedIn 

“Like a three-legged stool, the provincial health care system is balanced principally on three major sectors, hospitals, home care and long term care. But our virtual three-legged stool is tipping badly after years of underinvestment in home and community care and the final outcome is ‘hallway medicine’ caused by rising numbers of people who cannot get back to their homes or access long term care.

Ontarians’ access to ER and hospitals is dependent on a home care system that is available, properly resourced and able to innovate and deliver the best care possible - allowing people to live comfortably at home, and finally, a place to live out final days in a long term care home.

Right now, the health care system is experiencing the result of eight years of underinvestment in home care. Only 5% of our vast $54B health budget is spent on home care - that’s $2.9B. Astoundingly, this percentage has not changed since 1998.

The article below by Toronto Star reporter, Martin Regg Cohn describes the chaos of ‘hallway medicine’ that is happening in our hospitals due to our unbalanced three-legged stool.”

Sue VanderBent, CEO

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