Home Care Ontario Quoted in Liberal Budget Press Release

by Home Care Ontario | Mar 29, 2018

Home Care Ontario Quoted in Liberal Press Release

QUEEN'S PARK, ON, March 28, 2018 /CNW/ - "There's no question, I'll just take a look at my family. I have a daughter with twin boys, two-and-a-half-years-old. That will save her almost $35,000 in child care alone. I take a look at my 88-year-old father that's living at home, the impact that this budget will have on them. I take a look at free education, a look at pharmacare. I take a look at the beginning of the dental plan. So this is a socially Progressive budget. The interesting thing will be how this plays out." — Jerry Dias, President, UNIFOR National.

#Budget2018 shows compassion and fiscal responsibility with new supports for visiting hospice providing care for more people and their families at home. — Hospice Palliative Care Ontario.

"Ontario universities appreciate that today's budget recognizes that one of Ontario's strongest assets is our people, and that postsecondary education is key to a better future for our students, communities and the province… In Budget 2018, the provincial government has reiterated its commitment to help universities develop the highly skilled workforce that is pivotal to Ontario's economic future through enhanced capital investment in modern learning environments and modest investments in STEM and experiential learning."— David Lindsay, President and CEO, Ontario Universities.

"Great news today in Ontario's Budget - increased investment of $78 million to libraries through the PLOG and for the creation of a Digital Public Library!!" — Ontario Library Association.

"Pleased by the commitment to natural heritage contained in #OntarioBudget2018. An investment of $15M over 3 years will help to protect our forests, wetlands, lakes & rivers. At NCC we're standing by to do our part."  — John Lounds, President and CEO, Nature Conservancy.

"Today's Ontario Budget 2018 promises a suite of investments in infrastructure and social programs made possible by projected revenues from pricing carbon pollution. The budget also includes $79 billion in public transit investment over the next decade. This massive investment in public transit is critical to modernizing Ontario's transportation system and reducing carbon pollution and traffic on our roads. This in an important priority that everyone in Ontario can appreciate, because it means less time in traffic and more time doing things they enjoy with the people they care about. The budget includes other investments made possible by revenues from Ontario's price on carbon pollution, such as up to $230 million to renovate and improve social housing." — David Suzuki Foundation.

"Great news! Ontario is investing in employment for immigrant professionals - increased $45.6 million for Bridging programs." —Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

"Daily Bread Food Bank is encouraged by the 2018 Ontario budget, which contains important measures to advance poverty reduction and improve circumstances for low-income Ontarians. The 2018 Ontario Budget makes bold commitments that take solid leads to further modernize and transform Ontario's Income Security System, as guided by the Income Security Reform Working Group Report, Income Security: A roadmap for change. With the measures in this budget, there are substantial commitments that help reduce barriers for people living in poverty. On behalf of those we serve, we are grateful for these bold new initiatives as Ontario continues its commitment to improve the lives of everyone." — Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank.

The Ontario government's 2018 budget investments will ensure more students have access to college programs that open the door to rewarding and meaningful employment. This will produce more college graduates with the technical expertise and professional qualifications to pursue great careers. This budget delivers important commitments to student success and greater economic prosperity throughout the province." — Linda Franklin, President and CEO, Colleges Ontario.

"This is a great day for Ontarians who want and need more home care, as today's investments will help them get it. These increased investments are the foundation of a strong home care system for the 21st century and will make sure people get care where they want it – at home. Home Care Ontario commends the government for the steps taken in today's Budget." — Sue VanderBent, CEO, of Home Care Ontario.

SOURCE Liberal Caucus Service Bureau

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