Personal Support Worker Day - May 19, 2018

by Home Care Ontario | May 18, 2018

Home Care Ontario pays tribute to Personal Support Workers

May 19, 2018 – On behalf of members employing Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Home Care Ontario extends best wishes to PSWs on PSW Day.

PSWs are the largest group of workers providing the greatest amount of home-based service in home care.  In Ontario

PSWs have a broad range of abilities including the skill and knowledge that equips them to provide high quality personal care, supportive care for individuals with chronic conditions,cognitive impairments, and/or palliative needs. They provide for the comfort, safety and well-being of their clients, and also demonstrate sensitivity and respect for those in their care. The PSW’s positive attitude, abilities and approach are critical to the health of the people they support.

Home Care Ontario values the very important supportive role in home care that PSWs maintain in assisting people to continue to live and age at home independently – the preference of most Ontarians.

On PSW Day, Home Care Ontario is pleased to pay tribute to every PSW for their dedication and commitment to serving our most vulnerable with compassion.

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