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by Home Care Ontario | Jun 27, 2018

Home Care Ontario commends Andre Picard’s call to streamline, integrate and focus on delivering more care to patients by reducing bureaucracy and empowering our dedicated frontline home caregivers. We have witnessed many of the same trends Mr. Picard speaks about in home care – which, if given the opportunity, could do more to address the challenges facing our health care system. 

It is time to build a health model that truly brings health care home - where people want to be - by empowering professional caregivers to utilize technology, driving system innovation, and most importantly focusing on improving outcomes for patients.

To take pressure off our hospitals and reduce the occurrence of hallway medicine, there must be a shift away from bureaucracy towards fully utilizing the existing home care system. 

The first step of such reform must be to immediately disband the previous Liberal government’s plans to create a Personal Support Services Agency, which is a symptom of waste and government bloat.  The last thing Ontario’s health care system needs is another government agency that unnecessarily creates administrative duplication, and takes money away from frontline care.

Additionally, the government can provide more support and flexibility to caregivers and patients by improving scheduling of home caregiver visits; Increasing the length of time for patient visits; and, better utilizing technology, such as giving frontline caregivers the ability to access ‘real time’ patient information.

Now is the time for bold change, to embrace innovation, reduce waste, and make the entire health care system stronger.

       Sue VanderBent, CEO, Home Care Ontario

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