Outpatient Hip Replacements, Hallway Medicine and Home Care

by Home Care Ontario | Oct 05, 2018

Outpatient Hip Replacements, Hallway Medicine and Home Care

Same-day hip replacement surgery for healthy, highly motivated patients who have loved ones at home is yet another amazing innovation that will drive better patient care and reduce the need for in-patient stays.  Thirty years ago, hip surgeries would take at least seven days or longer but now it takes an average of three days, even for older patients. The overall cost reduction due to less time spent in hospital is remarkable – Ontario annually performs 50,000 hip and knee replacements and a reduction of 50% could free up to 75,000 days of hospital beds annually, the equivalent of opening a new 200 bed hospital, according to the OHA.

Innovations like same-day hip/knee replacements are critical to advance the overall sustainability of the health care system.  Even more critical is the need to have a longer-term vision for an integrated system of health care that supports the patient equally both in the hospital and in the home.  Now is the time for new thinking and the initiation of better patient management processes to scale up and accelerate permanent change (e.g. remote monitoring, inclusion of home care in Ontario’s EMR, faster access to assessments and more palliative care at home).  An effective and efficient home care system will support even more innovation that will greatly enhance our ability as a system to care for Ontarians.

Read the Toronto Star article by T. Boyle "One solution to hallway medicine: outpatient hip-replacements"  
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