Home Care Ontario Releases Statement in response to the release of the report from the Long-Term Care Staffing Study Advisory Group.

by Home Care Ontario | Jul 30, 2020

Download a PDF of the Statement July 30-20 Announcement ofLong-Term Care Staffing Study Advisory Group

July 30, 2020 – ONTARIO “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed long-standing challenges that many health care workers have faced while caring for Ontario’s most vulnerable seniors. As a result, the government is now looking at ways to better support workers in the long-term care system and we applaud the Advisory Group for today’s report.

If we truly want to improve care for all seniors, the government must recognize that Ontario’s long-term care workforce is interconnected to its home care workforce, and staff in both sectors must be supported in the same ways. If not, the consequences for our seniors could be dire.

We recently saw Quebec give a significant pay raise to long-term care workers, but not home care workers.  This poorly planned decision resulted in a mass exodus of home care staff from the sector. As a result of ignoring the home care system, Quebec left their seniors without access to the care they want where they want it – in their own homes.

Ontario’s home care system delivers more care to seniors than any other part of the health care system, which is why publicly-funded home care workers must be supported the same way long-term care workers are.

We know that publicly-funded home care workers in Ontario are already paid considerably less than those in long-term care, and this situation should be corrected, not made worse.  Home care workers should be paid at parity with those in long-term care, and care workers in both sectors deserve a raise for the amazing support they provide.

Ontario’s seniors are relying on the government to protect them. Safe, reliable, and compassionate home care from well trained and well-paid staff is key to improving care for seniors.

Our province has a chance to get it right, and it is imperative that we do so for the future of our seniors.”


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