Home-care workers say low wages are driving them out of the sector

by Home Care Ontario | Mar 18, 2021

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"Sue Vanderbent, CEO of Home Care Ontario, which represents more than 70 organizations, says all organizations are struggling with staff leaving.

She says home-care personal support workers generally make $4 an hour less than those working in nursing homes or hospitals. 

"We're going to see an exodus of people, of staff who work in home care now," says Vanderbent. 

Already, she says, about 40 per cent of the home-care referrals are not being filled because there are not enough workers to tend to these patients. 

"We have been telling government, we have been signalling this alarm," says Vanderbent.

"We are advocating so hard to say, 'You must make a similar investment in the home-care system,' because they're interconnected workforces. [Home-care workers] will move and they will destabilize care to Ontarians," says Vanderbent.

Home Care Ontario has produced a pre-budget submission, pointing to what it calls the chronic underfunding of home care, and calling for $373 million in stabilization funding to attract and retain staff. "

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