Honouring Home Care Nurses During National Nursing Week

by Home Care Ontario | May 10, 2022

May 10, 2021:  Home Care Ontario celebrates all nurses during Nurses’ Week and sends special recognition to all nurses practicing in the home care sector throughout Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home care nursing includes registered nurses, registered practical nurses and nurse practitioners and is a specialized area of practice in which the nurse provides care in the person’s home, school, workplace or other community setting.  In the home setting, the nurse brings skillful, caring activities that generate trust and collaboration for both the care of the patient and the maintenance of health of the family members. 

Home care nursing practice is complex, requiring independent decision-making and a diverse knowledge base. Frontline home care nurses practice independently applying general knowledge coupled with specialty expertise in the art and science of nursing practice.   The frontline home care nurse, in particular role requires advanced assessment and evaluation skills, effective communication skills, sound judgement, effective documentation skills, flexibility, critical /creative thinking and self-direction. This is only achieved through years of experience and learning.

On behalf of the thousands of Ontarians receiving home care daily, Home Care Ontario pays tribute to and thanks every nurse for their dedication, skills and sacrifices that they have made throughout the pandemic.

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