About Members

Home care organizations that belong to an association, such as Home Care Ontario, are concerned about practice standards and engaged in achieving excellence in all aspects of service.

Home Care Ontario Members

Service provider organizations that are members of Home Care Ontario meet specific performance criteria that distinguish them. Among the many standards to which members comply, the Home Care Ontario service provider organizations (SPOs):

  • Provide 24x7 supervision of staff.
  • Have a health professional regulated in Ontario whose responsibility is to ensure quality of client care and services.
  • Have current policies and procedures guiding operations.
  • Comply with all employee payments and deductions legally required as an employer.
  • Provide staff with ongoing in-service and continuing education programs.
  • Conduct initial and ongoing regular client assessments.
  • Participate in reporting and care planning for clients.
  • Abide by legislated employment standards and human rights codes.
  • Have appropriate retention and destruction of client records and maintenance of a confidentiality of client information policy.

Member Accomplishments & Contributions

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