Jackson Therapeutic Recreation Inc.

44 Boston Avenue
Toronto Ontario M4M 2T9
Phone: 888-684-7729 Ext. 200

Functions like a day program that visits the home for one-on-one sessions and is custom designed to each person * provides in-home therapeutic recreation, mental health support and responsive behaviour management, for everyone from children to seniors * supports people living with stroke, dementia, mental health challenges, bereavement, autism, developmental disability, social isolation, depression, anxiety, physical disability and behavioural issues * can work to achieve specific goals for each person or work generally to improve people's quality of living by keeping them engaged and stimulated in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them. Services include: Dementia and Alzheimers Support- Keeping the client engaged physically, cognitively and socially, this helps to protect levels of function, manage challenging behaviours and improve quality of living; Responsive Behaviour Support - Responsive behaviours typically occur when the individual does not like something they perceive in their environment or have a need that is not being met * recreation therapy is a valuable tool to help manage responsive behaviours through diversion techniques and engagement in meaningful activities; Mental Health Support - Combined with other medical interventions, effective treatment can include making healthy lifestyle choices, developing social and life skills, and improving social functioning * therapists help clients realize their full potential, stay positive, get physically active, learn to connect with others and have fun; Developmental Disability Support with Passport Funding - Offered through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, and provides financial aid to families who support a family member living with a developmental disability; Senior Companionship - Seniors are engaged physically, socially and mentally in the comfort of their home with therapists * therapists are professionals with whom they can talk, sing, reminisce, play, learn, start a project, and be themselves.

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