Surge Learning Inc.

6412 Newcombe Drive
Mississauga Ontario L8V 2H9
Phone: 416-704-7211

Surge Learning is a Canadian based online education company started in 2009 by healthcare professionals for healthcare organizations. We understand the issues and challenges you face with education and training, reporting and tracking. Surge Learning was designed to be a user friendly solution for all of your legislative and organizational education requirements. Surge Learning has grown incredibly since its inception and is currently the education solution for over 200 partners of various sizes, including Long Term Care and Retirement Homes, Acute Care Facilities, Home Care Agencies and Community Care Organizations. There is currently over 30,000 users in its various databases taking over 100,000 education sessions each month. We take pride in our responsive customer service and strive to make sure that each and every user has the best experience possible every time they use Surge Learning.


  • EASY TO USE and accessible from any internet enabled device
  • OFFERS FLEXIBILITY for staff to learn at their own pace
  • TRACKING AND RECORDING of both individual and group educational activities
  • REPORTS with all the sorting and filtering options to meet your designated criteria
  • REDUCES TRAINING COSTS and lessens time needed to provide education
  • INCREASES COMPLIANCE and improves organizational outcomes
  • REDUCE RISK and liability concerns
  • SIMPLE IMPLEMENTATION means you can start almost immediately

Interested in more information or would you like a demonstration of how Surge Learning could help your organization? Please feel free to contact us at:

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